Delegates and speakers Deborah Small and Kassandra Frederique

“Thank you for giving me the chance to attend and to speak at LEPH 2016 about Indonesia’s compulsory report system for drug user. It was an amazing conference and I learn a lot”.


“ What an amazing conference!! Thanks so much for letting me know about it, I’m just thrilled to be connected to the world of LEPH – diverse as it is!”


“We gathered at breaks and they were so excited to share all that they learned….. kept saying  “we are doing so many things wrong,” about police treatment of vulnerable communities” (in African countries).

“I brought home some very practical ideas on how to apply harm reduction strategies in the abortion context and have such a fuller picture of law enforcement overall”.

“I really enjoyed the conference and attended some excellent sessions (and I find these conferences which have a distinct focus so much more satisfying than the large European or American criminology meetings).  The session on the child abuse case worked particularly well and vividly captured the complexities of the investigation from the different perspectives of the 3 speakers.”


“I just wanted to properly thank you for inviting me and getting me involved with LEPH – you’ve done something great here and it has been my privilege to be a part of it this time ’round.”


“ Congratulations on mounting a most successful conference – I heard many genuinely positive comments about the content of the meeting and the location. I felt that all the efforts ….. throughout the years gelled at this meeting”


“Just a short e-mail to thank you for the great conference! Even more than in the 2014 Conference I picked up some new thoughts and good contacts.”




“ For some reason, it seemed to be an eye-opener ……. that there’s a great value in involving those experience experts/ service users/ clients in training and education and in the development of new collaboration models.”


“This was my first time at LEPH and I truly think it was a great conference! As a reflection, I believed it was more discussions and “high volume” at this conference, than others I’ve attended (and this is a good thing I believe!) All organizers should be very proud of what they have accomplished! “


“The conference was good, truly inspiring…”


“Thank you once more for a fantastic conference. It truly was wonderful with an atmosphere and spirit I have rarely felt at other events. I returned home today with my head full of learning, new ideas  and plans for exciting prospects.”


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