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Your opportunity

Do you have a short film or video that you would like to showcase at LEPH2016? Does your film/video:

  • Illustrate cooperative activities between law enforcement, public health and other sectors?
  • Demonstrate effective training programs or is it actually a training film/video?
  • Present a discussion between key players on a conference theme?
  • Or otherwise demonstrate some aspect of the relationship between law enforcement and public health?


How will LEPHFILM 2016 work?

  • All submitted films will be assessed by the LEPH2016 Program Committee to ensure suitability and relevance to one or more of the conference themes

(see http://www.leph2016.com/program/themes/ )

  • Films that are accepted by the Program Committee will be scheduled into the conference program as:
  • Part of a 90 minute thematic or topic-based sessions comprising film screenings.
  • As an introductory film to, or a stand-alone component of a thematic plenary, major or concurrent session
  • As part of a series of screenings to be shown during the catering breaks.
  • In another format as decided by the Program Committee.
  • If accepted, your film will form part of the broader Marketplace of Ideas.
  • Screenings will occur in a designated Film Festival space but some films may also be shown in open areas during catering breaks.


What you need to do now

    • Submit your film to the Chairman of the Program Committee, Nick Crofts on nick.crofts@unimelb.edu.au
    • Submit your film or video as an attachment to your email, or provide a link to where it can be viewed
    • Provide your name, affiliation and contact details (phone and email address) and an explanation of the themes that your film or video will address, and why it will enhance the LEPH2016 program.
    • Submissions are still welcome
    • You will be notified if your film has been accepted.


  • Register for LEPH2016. You will be expected to register for LEPH2016 by 29 July 2016.


  • Films will only be included in the final program if you are registered for the conference.



  • Preference will be given to films up to 15 minutes in length. However, special requests for acceptance of a longer film will be considered.
  • Your film will be programmed in at least one, and possibly more Marketplace of Ideas LEPH2016Film  sessions.
  • You will be expected to attend at least the first session in which your film is scheduled and, if requested, participate in a Q & A or panel discussion.