Delegates will need to sign up and pay for these excursions (tours) at the LEPH2016 Registration and information desk.

Signing up will open at morning tea on Monday.



(Tuesday only)


The Rembrandt square is one of the most intensely used squares in Amsterdam – on weekend nights, 15 to 18 thousand people go to the clubs and bars on the square. The Amsterdam municipality has begun a three-year trial of a project to decrease the number of incidents which inevitably occur when large crowds of young people drink and sometimes use party drugs. Together with the police and the clubs and bars, the project ‘A safe and hospitable Rembrandt square’ is carried out. The project includes a mix of measures and experiments, such as Hosts for the square, better lighting, less littering and training of bar personnel. Over the period of three years, the partners are closely watching the effects of these strategies on violence and nuisance. If the project is successful, the municipality will consider taking the learnings to other areas in the city. Project Manager Pieter Walinga is in charge of the project on behalf of Mayor van der Laan. Although the project is only fully observable during the weekends, Pieter is happy to talk with you about the project to share his experiences. And there are lots of places to eat and drink in Rembrandt Square.


  • Where to meet Pieter: Behind the large Rembrandt statue
  • When to meet: 30 on Tuesday 4 October
  • No cost – but you might like to buy a drink in the place you meet to talk
  • How to get there:

Tram # 1 from Meer en Vaart to Konigsplein and walk (about 30 minutes in total)

Maximum places: 20





“STORIES FROM THE STREETS” –  a guided tour with a former homeless people

(Monday and Tuesday)


Amsterdam Underground is an initiative of De Regenboog Groep and is the only non-profit provider of guided tours offered by formerly homeless people in Amsterdam. All our guides are offered a useful day project and a small compensation. With the income from this particular project we also make sure other projects are made possible.


Amsterdam Underground offers the guides a useful day activity, which corresponds with their knowledge, qualities and skills. During the city walks they use their background to inform people about life on the street and the consequences of substance abuse. Amsterdam Underground wants the guides to use their knowledge and skills in a positive light and offers them the possibility to use their qualities and talents for further personal development.


  • Where to meet: The tour starts at the Dwaze Zaken on the Prins Hendrikkade 50 in Amsterdam and ends at Brouwerij de Prael on the Oudezijds Armsteeg 26 in
  • When to meet: 3 or 4 october at 19.00
  • Cost: €10 per person (to be paid in cash at the LEPH20126 Registration Desk when you sign up for this excursion
  • Duration of tour: (around) 90minutes


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(Monday and Tuesday)


The prostitution information center (PIC) offers a tour in the red light district, with a former prostitute as a guide. The purpose of this walking tour is not only to tell people more about this special neighborhood but also to explain more about the sex industry in the Red Light District and to help them understand and respect the sex workers.

  • Where to meet: Prostitution Information Center, Enge Kerksteeg 3, 1012 GV Amsterdam
  • When to meet:  3 October or 4 October at 19:00
  • Cost: €15 per person (to be paid in cash at the LEPH20126 Registration Desk when you sign up for this excursion)


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