MoI 11: Game of Life: balancing health and safety

LOCATION: Black room

Tuesday 4th Oct


Numbers are limited in this session so get in early!


Positive Health focuses on how people function in everyday life, with possible illnesses or defects. Positive Health describes six dimensions: body function/mental wellbeing/spiritual – existential dimension/quality of life/social and community participation/daily functioning. Positive Health endorses the need for comprehensive approaches, which also fits seamlessly with changes in the social domain. We connect these six dimensions with community policing, citizen participation and self-reliance.
We play a game for 4-6 players and 30 other players in the audience. With this game we connect health with safety issues and other contextual influences.

To conclude, we will have a group discussion about choices, priorities and limited resources for different vulnerable people in society.


Caroline Dijkstra,
Dutch Police Service (Amsterdam)

Francisca Flinterman,
Public Health Service Amsterdam, Netherlands

Henneke Berkhout,
Public Health Service Kennemerland, Haarlem, Netherlands